Welcome to The "Barry 10" homepage. The aim of this site is to provide everything you need to know about the last 10 steam locomotives to leave the legendary Dai Woodham's yard in Barry, South Wales. The locomotives are owned by the local Council & are in the custody of the Vale of Glamorgan Railway based in the original Barry Island station building built by the Barry Railway Company. A brief history of the company is described on a separate page.


Dai Woodham's Yard around 1988

Dai Woodham's Yard at the end. All that's left are the sad remains of over 200 locomotives saved. With YOUR help we can see these magnificent locomotives steaming again. (Photos Jeff Morgan)

The collection of locomotives known as the "Barry 10" are in fact 11. The 11th loco (Small Prairie) was gifted to the town of Barry by Dai Woodham as a display on the seafront of Barry Island & as with the other 10 under the custody of the VoGR.

The year 2002 will be the start of a very bright future on many fronts for the VoGR. In January they were awarded 2 separate grants to complete the Hood Road goods shed facility & platforms & another to extend past the original Barry Railway loco shed to just outside Morrisons supermarket in Barry itself. It is also hoped that funding for restoring to start on the elusive 10 with a number of fundraising schemes being worked out to get people involved. Over the next few months these schemes will be worked out & publicised in various ways including this site. It is expected that the first loco to be tackled is the Small Prairie which in this case will in fact involve 2 sister engines (5538 & 5539). One of the locomotives is minus a boiler but has a good frame whereas the other has a reasonable boiler but a bent frame. It is therefore expected that one loco will be built from the best of both with the remains assembled as a static exhibit as originally intended by Dai Woodham. In time there will always be the prospect of restoring this loco also but for now there are 10 other ones to concentrate on.

To help in this huge project I am appealing for photographs, facts & information relating to the collection for display on this site. If anyone has something that you believe the project could benefit from please contact me.

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