BR Class 4 'Standard Tank' 2-6-4T - 80150

The Class 4 'Standard Tanks' were introduced as part of the modernisation plans of BR in the early 1950's. They were designed to replace ageing tank engines on branch passenger & suburban duties. They could be seen in many parts of Wales including the line from Shrewsbury to Aberystwyth. They were designed under the supervision of R. A. Riddles & were built at Derby, Doncaster & Brighton.

No.80150 was completed at Brighton Works in January 1957 & worked for only 8 years before being condemned in October 1965 due to the rapid dieselisation of BR.

Seen here on display at Bute Road. (Photo Jeff Morgan)

In 1987 an initial survey was carried out to assess the condition with the aim of establishing the priority for restoration. Brief details of this survey are as follows :-

Item Description of Condition
Front tube plate Good
Front of boiler Not visible
Back f boiler Good
Copper tube plate Good
Copper back plate Damage to laps, can be repaired
Copper side plates Satisfactory
Crown Good
Smokebox Extensive damage caused by burning to remove smokebox door & rim
Crown stays To examine after removal of tubes for access to barrel
Stays To examine after removal of tubes for access to barrel
Tubes To renew
Asbestos None, fibreglass used
Barrel Not visible
Side tanks Patching required
Roof of cab Missing