BR '9F' 2-10-0 - 92245

The most successful of all the is the 'Standard' designs introduced by BR in the 1950's was their 2-10-0 design for heavy freight. 251 of them were built & proved to be a very powerful locomotive capable of hauling the heaviest trains. Indeed, so free running were they, that they were sometimes used on express passenger duties including on several occasions the 'Capitals United Express' between Cardiff & London! They are mainly remembered in South Wales for heavy freight haulage along the main line, but also for their use on the iron ore trains from Newport Docks to Ebbw Vale. These very heavy trains, climbing a steady gradient, needed two locomotives, one pulling, the other banking at the rear.

No.92245 was built at Crewe in November 1958 & spent several years at Cardiff (Canton) Depot before its tragically short working life ended in December 1964.

Seen here on display at Bute Road with 80150 in front. (Photo Jeff Morgan)